Price: $200

State: Louisiana
City: Slidell
Zip code: 70461
Type: Animals

I have a breeder pair for sale. The male is light blue and female is yellow.They are still too young to breed (8 and 9 months) but are already mating and will produce beautiful babies - blues, yellows, greens and possibly pieds.
They were both handfed and tame as babies, but haven't had much attention lately. They could be re-tamed by someone willing to devote the time to them. The yellow is tamer than the blue. They have always been in our house and are accustomed to people; they just don't come running to be with people anymore.
These are the smallest parrots, also known as "pocket parrots". They are so smart and make great pets. I have owned all kinds of birds, but these are by far my favorite!