Price: $1,200

State: Louisiana
City: Slidell
Zip code: 70461
Type: Animals

I am selling my entire parrotlet breeding set-up.
8 pairs of breeding parrotlets and a stacked breeding cage made of galvanized steel with dividers and removable trays. Has large wooden storage drawer underneath, on wheels. Also includes cage accessories(perches, toys, food cups), as well as 8 nestboxes. Everything you need to get started breeding parrotlets.
Pair 1: Green Fallow Male / Dilute Yellow Female
Pair 2: Green Fallow Male / Turquoise Female
Pair 3: Blue Female / Blue Male
Pair 4: Green Male Split to Albino / Dilute Yellow Fallow
Pair 5: Yellow Male / Dilute Female
Pair 6: Blue Male split to pied / Blue Female split to pied
Pair 7: Green Male triple split / Blue Female split to yellow
Pair 8: Dilute Male / Blue Pied Female
Willing to sell separately or as a group. Price will vary, depending on pair.
I bought these from another breeder last September for $ for the birds alone, was told they were all proven and 1-3 years old. Some are banded, most are not. One pair(green-blue) is on eggs now. Another pair(blues), I just pulled their babies a couple weeks ago. I have them all shut off from their nestboxes now, except for the pair on eggs.
I just have too many birds and not enough time. I love these little birds and want to see them go to an excellent, knowledgeable home.
All that being said, I would let them all go together for $ without the cage and nestboxes. You will have a hard time finding a better deal on a collection of breeder parrotlets such as these.
I prefer not to ship, to avoid undue stress and trauma to the birds, especially since summer is already getting underway here in SE LA.
I am willing to deliver or meet within a reasonable distance (ie Mississipi, South Alabama, North West Florida.) Will consider traveling further if you help pay for gas( ie South Eastern USA: Arkansas, Texas, all MS, AL, FL, TN)