14 pairs in all. Willing to sell separately, or as a package deal. Also have a few singles.
Several rare color mutations. I have invested a lot of money and time collecting these beautiful birds and hope they can find someone who cares for them as much as I do.
I have 2 blue-blue pairs
blue pied-blue split to pied
turquoise-green fallow
2 green fallow-dilute yellow
turquoise pied-turquoise pied
green-blue pied
blue-green fallow
yellow-dilute blue
dilute blue-dilute turquoise
blue fallow-blue
green split to albino-blue fallow
lutino-green split to albino
Singles:MALES: 2yellow(one handfed&tame9mos), 2 blue, blue pied, yellow&green pied
FEMALES: yellow(handfed&tame9mos-sibling to above), dilute turquoise(handfed&tame9mos)
UNKNOWN:albino-approx 8 months
Will update with pics tomorrow